How to be?


Must have the following traits:

  1. The desire and resources to be selected as a Business Partner
  2. Readiness to build your business vs merely working in your store or depot
  3. The drive to maintains operations excellence
  4. Passion and leadership skills for delivering a superlative customer experience while maintaining a dedication to HERNZ core values
  5. Ability to create and manage a SALES team that would effectively market the product (for Distributor and Dealer)


Must have the Capacity and Financial resources:

  1. Minimum Financial Requirements
  2. Required to own a Cold Storage facility or Depot (for Distributor and Dealer)
  3. Required to own a Delivery/Freezer Van dedicated to this business

*Qualified Applicants for Distributors shall be granted Exclusive Distributorship for desired location/area provided that they were able to deploy at least 100 freezers for the desired territory.


Application Process:

  1. Applicants must Submit the following requirements
    • Letter of Intent Addressed to Ms. Aprillyn H.Cruz, Marketing Director
  2. Valid IDs
    • Resident certificate
    • 6 Months Bank Certification
    • Business Permit
    • Sketch Map or Location of Business
    • Fully Accomplished Application Form
  3. Upon completion of the Marketing Manager shall conduct the initial interview
  4. Locate and Secure Location
  5. Approval of Location
  6. Present Marketing Plan to the Marketing Manager
  7. Finalize Lease
  8. Sign Franchise Agreement
  9. Begin Crew hiring/training
  10. Open Store

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